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Alternative rock from Germany

alternative rock songs

Almost Indie – That is an alternative rock band from Germany, SL. The band of four has developed their own identity. The unique Almost Indie sound is defined by the varied interplay of punk, alternative rock and grunge. Their live shows appeal by energetic sounds that engage the rock loving audience and keep them continuously unexpected. One of the characteristics of Almost Indie is their reduced cast. Every Instrument is only single occupied. Every band member has the chance to develope freely and to create sounds aside the standard rock songs. Another specialty is the husky rock voice of their front woman. Once you have heard this voice you will never forget.

Apart of playing a multitude of shows, the band continuously expands their repertoire. In 2016 the band had their first recording session at the sarre side studios. The result was the single Ceremony which was loved by the critics.

In the fourth quarter of 2017 Almost Indie will release their first and highly anticipated EP.

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